Play 2 Full screen 2 2 play - 1 2 play - 2 2 play - 3 2 play - 4 2 play - 5 2 play - 6 2: Competitive and Bloody 2 is a multiplayer arena developed by Night Steed Games studio in 2022. It focuses on brutality, fighting, and raw power. The toy is as great as, another cool digital adventure. The agenda is classical: survive on the field and get more scores than your opponents. Let’s have a closer look at this mayhem.

Gameplay in Detail

Your main character is a big caveman armed with a wooden mallet. Walk around a huge arena and collect red and shining blobs littered everywhere. They give you points and allow you to fill an indicator below. Once it’s full, you jump to the next level during the match. It means more health and powerful hits.

The field hosts many other fighters, most of them will want to attack you. Use your mouse to control your character and click the LMB to hit someone. Killing is rewarding (it gives you extra points) but dangerous (you can die).

Upgrade your guy between battles in the main menu. The coins you get can be used to improve your stats. When you invest enough, you’ll evolve into a more powerful fighter. Follow the path from a simple mallet to a sharp samurai blade, etc. 2: Tips and Tricks

If you want to be successful during matches, you must stick to a wise strategy. Use tips that will help you get scores and stay in the arena longer:

  1. Focus on collecting blobs. They’re a stable source of your XP. Some are small, some are huge. Aim at bigger ones. Besides, some areas have more shining dots. Go there and be the first to grab them all.
  2. Don’t jump into fights. It might sound cowardly, but it’s a sure method to survive. Dodge hits, turn around and go the other way if you see big mayhem. This rule is a must to follow if you’re a newcomer at a low level.
  3. Kill the already wounded enemies. This is a simple approach that will give you scores.
  4. Attack when it’s convenient. For example, when your enemy is already wounded. This way, you’ll get lots of points without losing your HP. It’s a great booster for your scores. Additionally, if you want to strike someone, do it when your indicator is almost filled. If you lose health, it’ll get restored once you jump to the next level. Otherwise, other opponents will finish you off easily.
  5. Use your speed advantages. Click the RMB to start running. It’s useful when you want to chase someone. Or, vice versa, when you’re eager to quickly escape an unequal duel.

Summing Up exists in different versions. You can join battles right through your browser (from a PC or smartphone). Do you want to have an app at hand? Go to your device’s store and download it for free. Available both for iOS and Android.

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