how to change servers brutalmania

This violent adventure is designed for multiplayer mayhem. New rounds bring you different enemies to fight with, as well as a new challenge. But one day, you may want to know how to change servers Brutalmania 2. Can one control this process? Let’s figure it out.

Why Would You Need It?

The most common reason is when players want to enjoy matches with their friends. It’s cool to destroy complete strangers. But it would be more fun with a person you know. You can even team up and help each other survive.

Others just like to control which arena to land in. 2 change servers

How to Change Servers Brutalmania 2

Right now, the process is automatic. When you launch the game, it sends you to a field at random. However, there is something you can do to alter the algorithm a bit.

Go to the settings and pick one of the languages (8 in total). Tap Play, and you’ll land in a different arena. Each country has its own server.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t guarantee that you will end up in the same field. There is no feature to invite a friend to enjoy the battle together. You’ll have to try several times to make sure you’re both there. Once you do, it’ll be fun to stick to each other! Become an unstoppable force and back up each other. 2 how to hack

Hoping for the Best

How to change servers Brutalmania 2? If you’re just eager to go to a different place, meddle with the settings. Pick one of the languages and enter the round. It’ll teleport you to a brutal world with new participants.

But if you want to be there for your friend, it’s more complicated. You’ll have to search for each other “by touch”. It’s not convenient, but it’s the only way right now. We hope that the developers will add the feature to make our life easier. You’ll be able to just send a link to your dueling comrade. Joining the same arena would be fun!


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