brutalmania weapons

Have you just been hooked by this amazing title? Then you must be itching to know more about its rich collection of Brutalmania 2 weapons. There are over 20 pieces to have fun with. But they’re not available from the start. Even more, you can’t see the whole list. Players have to advance their level first to open new items in the arsenal. We’ll cover some of the coolest death tools to try.

How Can You Get What You Want?

Keep entering rounds and improving your character to unlock new items in the store. First, you’ll use simple sticks. Later, however, better opportunities emerge. Would you like to try the best one, a golden ax? It looks impressive and crushes enemies into blood, meat, and bones with a single hit! 2 weapons

Brutalmania 2 Weapons: the Best Picks

There are too many items in the store to cover them all. Instead, we’ve decided to speak about the basic stuff.

Everyone begins its fighting journey with a club. Then you can add a stone to its end or spikes. Some players enjoy a staff for its reach and style. You can start attacking your opponent at a great distance.

Then the title reveals all kinds of swords, samurai blades, and sickles. They differ in forms and cool designs. Some users strive to get hammers and axes. They manage to cause great damage and look more than menacing.

What Death Tool to Pick?

The developers of this adventure did their best to make the arsenal as diverse as possible. Analyze your gaming style and choose those Brutalmania 2 weapons that feel comfortable. Pay attention to their stats. They have different ranges and damage-causing features. Besides, you may want the blade to fit your character perfectly. Tastes vary, so it’s impossible to come up with a universal formula.

Enjoy the matches, cause mayhem and try different weapons. Changing them is pure fun! We hope that developers will keep adding new death toys to entertain their fans!

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